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Welcome to the Town of Orleans Conservation Areas!

For many years, The Town of Orleans has worked to preserve the natural beauty of our lands and encourages you to enjoy the use of its conservation properties. Trails, where available, are marked for your convenience. And maps for hiking areas can be found online, as well as the Conservation office located in Town Hall.

The Conservation Commission does however have certain regulations for use:

Hours of Use

Conservation lands shall be open to the general public daily from 7 am to 10 pm

Protecting Natural Habitat

No person shall deface, remove, alter, destroy or otherwise damage, in any manner whatsoever, any terrain feature, any structure, archaeological find, rock, plant, flower, fruit, shrub, vine or tree or any other form of vegetation nor shall any birds or their nests, animals or their dens, be disturbed at any time.

Bicycles & Horses

Bicycles and horses may be ridden only on roads and trails so designated.


  • Littering
  • Domestic trash disposal
  • Open Fires and Cooking
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hunting (except below Mean High Water)
  • Unrestrained dogs
  • Storing of small boats, motorized vehicles or cycles
  • Erection of tents
  • Parking of trailers
  • Camping or overnight sleeping
  • Use of soaps, detergent or shampoo


Gatherings of 10 or more persons must have prior written permission from the Conservation Commission.


Any person who violates any of these regulations may be fined not more than $300 for each violation under the provisions set forth in Massachusetts General Laws C40 s 8c.


The Orleans Conservation Commission may from time to time adopt additional regulations that are not inconsistent with existing laws.

Activity Application

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