Selection Guidelines

The Community Preservation Committee requires that all proposed projects be eligible for CPA funding according to the requirements described in the CPA legislation (MGL Chapter 44B).

The following guidelines will be considered by the Community Preservation Committee in the evaluation of projects.

  • Consistency with the Orleans Comprehensive Plan, Conservation, Open Space and Recreation Plan, and Affordable Housing Strategy Plan as well as any other planning documents that have received wide scrutiny and input;
  • Preservation of the essential character of the Town as described in the Orleans Comprehensive Plan;
  • Acquisition of, preservation of, or rehabilitation of threatened resources;
  • Serving of a currently under-served population(s);
  • Meeting more than one CPA purpose (especially in linking open space, historic preservation, recreation, and community housing) or demonstrating why serving multiple needs is not feasible;
  • Feasibility and practicality;
  • Urgency;
  • Affordability and ability to be implemented expeditiously and within budget;
  • Advantageous cost/benefit value;
  • Leverage of additional or multiple sources of public and/or private funds;
  • Preservation or utilization of currently owned town assets;
  • Consistency with recent town meeting actions;
  • Successful implementation by applicant of similar projects or demonstration by applicant of ability to implement project as proposed;
  • Endorsement by other municipal boards or departments;
  • Creation of incentives for other public and/or private projects and/or collaborations to occur;
  • Provision for a dedicated source of funding for ongoing maintenance - not from CPA funds; and
  • Compliance with the current or proposed Orleans zoning bylaws and/or the laws of the Commonwealth.