Conservation Commission


Please check the Conservation Department's Meeting Schedules, Filing Fees, and Deadlines link to inquire how to file and be heard by the Orleans Conservation Commission.

Please check the Conservation Department's page regarding any additional questions or concerns.


NameTitleTerm Expires
Virginia Farber
MemberJune 30, 2025
Mike Brink
June 30, 2026
Drusy Henson
ChairJune 30, 2024
Walter North
June 30, 2025
Robert Rothberg
June 30, 2026
Jerry Wander
Vice ChairJune 30, 2024
Maia Ward
Associate Member
June 30, 2024
Judith Bruce
MemberJune 30, 2026
Ken JohnsonAssociate Member
June 30, 2026
Andrea Shaw ReedSelect Board Liaison