Phase 2 - Meetinghouse Pond Area

Phase II is the design, bidding, and construction of a combination of gravity sewers and low-pressure sewers to service the Meetinghouse Pond area. The figure below shows the preliminary layout of the proposed collection system and pumping station.


Meetinghouse Pond Area Sewer Grid

Meetinghouse pond Area Collection System Components Preliminary

  • Approximately 19,100 Linear Feet of 8-inch through 18-inch PVC Gravity Sewer
  • Approximately 8,300 Linear Feet of 8-inch PVC Force Main
  • Approximately 21,300 Linear Feet of.1.5-inch through 3-inch Low-Pressure Sewer
  • 1 Submersible Pumping Station
  • Approximately 490 Users will be connected to the system