Wastewater Infrastructure

Updated: 12/1/2023

Notice for Meetinghouse Pond Sewer Abutters: 

NOTICE AS OF 12/1/23: The Town Hall parking lot will be open and accessible; however, the rear parking lot will be partially obstructed Tuesday 12/5 due to tree clearing. 

Water main work is ongoing on Gesner Road and Lucy's Lane. There will be a temporary watermain shutdown at the intersection of Main Street and School Street as early as 12/11. The Orleans Water Department is notifying abutting property owners. 

Construction crews will continue installing gravity sewer on School Street moving toward Main Street. There will be a full 24/7 closure of School Street between Main Street and River Road during this time. Detours are set up for access to River Road and police details are on sire for assistance.

Gravity sewer installation will then continue on to Main Street as early as 12/15.

An additional crew will continue installing gravity sewer on Monument Road toward Pond Road starting week of 12/11/

Low-pressure sewer construction and water service replacement is ongoing on Loomis Lane and is to be wrapped up week of 12/11. Crews will then move to 191 Main Street for low-pressure sewer installation.

The Contractor will be updating the construction schedule. For more information on the locations and construction details, please visit the following link:

 Construction Activities & Detours - Three-Week Lookahead

Notice for Downtown Area Sewer Abutters: 

We are encouraging properties in the Downtown Area to begin the process of hiring an engineer for sewer service connections as soon as possible. 

Please refer to the Town of Orleans website for the current notice

Please click here to view the table of Estimated Betterment Values.

Please visit the Sewer Service Connections webpage for resources and information for property owners located within the Downtown Area. See below for the Connection Schedule.


See below the informational brochure that was shared as part of the 2022 Celebrate Our Waters Festival showcasing the on-going Orleans Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection System projects: 

Celebrate Our Waters_2022_CoverCelebrate Our Waters_2022_1

Celebrate Our Waters_2022_2Celebrate Our Waters_2022_3Celebrate Our Waters_2022_4Celebrate Our Waters_2022_5Celebrate Our Waters_2022_6Celebrate Our Waters_2022_8

Recent News: The Cape Cod and Islands Water Protection Fund Management Board voted on 4/14/21 to give Orleans a 25 percent grant for the Downtown Area Wastewater Project in the amount of $14,852,300.  Please note that this is the largest grant ever received by the Town and it is consistent with the financial plan that was developed over the last few years.

You can view the Cape Cod and Islands Water Protection Fund Notice of Subsidy (PDF). Please visit the Citizens Communications page to view current and previous construction and detour updates and previous communication to property owners in the project area.