Sewer Connection Process

  1. Property owner hires a MA licensed civil or environmental engineer. Click here for a list of local engineers.
  2. Engineer develops draft plans for a sewer connection from the structure to the service lateral at the property line of the subject parcel.
  3. Engineer submits draft digital connection plans (PDF preferred) to the Department of Public Works and Natural Resources (DPW&NR) and AECOM for review and comments. (, and, respectively.
  4. DPW&NR and AECOM submits plan review comments to Engineer.
  5. Engineer addresses plan review comments.
  6. Once DPW&NR and AECOM approves the sewer connection plans, owner/applicant hires a Drain Layer (Contractor) that has been licensed by the DPW&NR. Click here for a list of licensed Drain Layers.
  7. Then, the Contractor files with the Board of Health for a Disposal Works Construction Permit (DWCP) to abandon the existing sewage disposal system(s) on the property. Click here for a list of licensed Septic Installers. 
  8. Board of Health (BOH) reviews and issues the DWCP. Click here for the Subsurface Sewage Disposal Application.
  9. Contractor files with the DPW&NR for a Trench Permit. Click here for the Trench Permit or a Trench/Road Opening Permit.
  10. Property owner/agent submits a full application, including eight (8) sets of plans and the required fee per the Sewer Use Rules and Regulations (SURR), the DWCP issued by the BOH and the Trench Permit to the DPW&NR. Click here for the application.
  11. DPW&NR reviews the application package and, if complete, issues approval for construction of the sewer connection. 
  12. DPW&NR distributes approved plans to Town departments and AECOM.
  13. Contractor notifies DPW&NR and AECOM of the construction schedule.
  14. DPW&NR and/or AECOM inspects and approves the sewer connection installation and the abandonment of the existing sewage disposal system(s).
  15. AECOM submits completed inspection form to DPW&NR.
  16. DPW/NR notifies BOH of completion of the sewage disposal system abandonment.
  17. Contractor picks up Certificate of Compliance (COC) from BOH and submits the COC to the DPW&NR.
  18. Engineer submits as-built plans, installation certification and electronic files to the DPW/NR in accordance with the SURR requirements.